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Fully-Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

Power your websites and apps with the fastest, most reliable managed hosting platform.

  • All the resources of a server only for your website
  • Easy management and security thanks to our control panel
  • Quick and proactive solutions thanks to our 24/7 monitoring service
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Available Operating Systems With Maximum Speed

Objectively innovate high compellingly maintain multidisciplinary process improvements whereas premium performance per node guaranteed.


Frequently Asked Queries

Managed Hosting gives you the freedom and power of an Unmanaged VPS, without the extra work. You don’t have to manage the server, install all the software and keep it updated. With Managed Hosting this is all done for you by our team. If you have any problems, support is on hand to help.

Goazh Managed Hosting is extra-special. You can control all your websites through Goazh, so your admin tasks are made super-simple. You can take advantage of features in control panel that aren’t available anywhere else, like our free CDN, bulk website management and automatic migration.

With Goazh Managed Hosting you get full access to the Goazh Technical Support Team. Universally-praised for their speed and clarity of responses, you’ll always get expert support. They’ll make sure you’re set up with the best solution possible, and should you need help, they’re available day and night through live and chat email.

Yes. With Managed Hosting you’ll be able to host as many sites as capacity will allow. You can partition your VPS to allocate disk space to each site you want to host. You’re in control: you can set custom package types for each partition all from within the Goazh control panel. Should you need to expand, upgrading is just a one-click process with no interruptions.

Managed Hosting comes with the bespoke Goazh control panel which runs on CentOS 7. No other operating systems can be installed. If you need a different OS you can use an Unmanaged VPS.

Our cloud web hosting is rock solid and suitable for most needs. But if you’re looking for a hosting solution that dedicates resources to your sites and lets you lean on our expert Technical Support team, then Managed Hosting on a VPS would be for you. If you’re a developer, Managed Hosting will give you more freedom to install extra apps.

Yes. We offer unlimited Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates for any sites or web applications you host on Managed Hosting. They can be added in a click from the control panel and renew automatically every 3 months.